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Why Choose Us?


We love your dog. Caring for your pets is our passion. We seriously can’t get enough of spending time with pets, whether it’s walking your dog around the block, playing fetch at the dog park, taking your dog on a hike through Discovery Park, or giving your cat some attention while you’re out of town. We build relationships with our dog clients and their humans, and it’s our mission to keep everyone as happy and healthy as humanly (dogly) possible. We never send a random walker to walk your dog. It’s always someone they’ve met before and have a relationship with. We think it’s important to have the same dog walker walk your dog each time.​


We’ve been walking dogs for quite a while and have a heck of a lot of experience with all kinds of dogs. There’s nothing your dog could throw at us that we haven’t handled before. We got this. All of our dog walkers and pet sitters go through a thorough interview process and are scrupulously vetted. Each dog walker is trained specifically on your dog, so they know the temperament and specific needs of each individual dog.


Our dog walking and pet sitting services are easy-as-pie to use. We have the best app in the game and it does everything. Schedule, cancel, or reschedule dog walks directly from the app, or use the online client portal if you prefer. The app is amazing — everything is right there. You can also text with your dog walker, view and pay invoices, and view past walk reports. It’s pretty amazing technology, really.


We are excellent and responsive with our communication with our clients. We’ll send a walk report card after every walk or service with details on potty activity, GPS walk tracking, daily photos, and a note about how the walk went. We also have integrated texting! That means you’re able to text directly with your dog walker from your phone or through the app, and either way it will save in the same conversation thread, so messages will never get lost.


We run a tight ship and are professional as all get out. We’re licensed, insured, and bonded. We’re reliable and we’re here when you need us.

Which service is best for you?

Dog Walking

Our most popular service is our one-on-one dog walking option. This is universally great for all dogs. Your dog walker will arrive at your home and take your dog on a nice stroll around your neighborhood. Each dog walk is filled with love, attention, exercise, and playfulness. Our goal is to keep your best friend happy and healthy when you’re at the office or away from home. We customize our dog walks to meet the needs of your specific dog. Schedule just the occasional dog walk, or schedule multiple walks per day.‍

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Trail Hikes

Our trail hikes are a favorite for outdoor loving dogs with energy to burn! Your dog walker will pick your dog up at your home and transport them to one of Seattle’s trail heavy parks (Discovery Park, Carkeek Park, Interlaken Park, Golden Gardens, or Magnuson Park) where they’ll go on a fun one-on-one hike. After the hike, your walker will return your dog to your home, safe and sound. Trail hikes provide mental stimulation for dogs, in addition to the extra cardio they’ll be getting from hiking up all those hills. Your dog will be out exploring a new environment and smelling all the new smells that go along with it. Trail hikes make for one happy (and tired!) dog!

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Off-Leash Dog Park Trips​

Social dogs love our off-leash dog park trips! If your dog can’t get enough of playing with other dogs and loves running off-leash, our one-on-one dog park trips might be a great choice for your dog. Your dog walker will start the trip by picking up your dog at your home and bringing them to one of Seattle’s designated off-leash dog parks. Your dog will be able to play a game of fetch, or just run around with the other dogs. Your walker will keep a close eye on your dog, as well as all dog interactions and temperaments to make sure everyone is happy and playing nicely.We do require that your dog is friendly with other dogs and people, over 6 months old, fully vaccinated, and spayed/neutered. If your dog is unsure around other dogs or new people, reactive, or occasionally nervous, they might be happier with our neighborhood leashed dog walking option.

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Overnight Pet Sitting

Dogs prefer staying in the comfort of their own home while you’re out of town. We provide overnight pet sitting in your home, to keep your dog happier and more comfortable than they would be in a kennel or staying at a stranger’s home. Boarding your dog can be stressful and scary for many dogs, so we alleviate that issue with overnight sitting in your home. Your pet sitter will also care for any other pets you may have at home, at no extra cost.​Your sitter will stay for at least 12 hours overnight, so your pet will have tons of attention, love, belly rubs, and playtime. Your sitter will take your dog on short walks, feed them, refill water bowls, administer any needed medication, and – most importantly – give them tons of love. Add a mid-day walk at a discounted rate. Your sitter will also do any home related tasks you may need — water plants, bring in mail or packages, put out the trash, etc.

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Vacation Visits

Vacation visits are perfect for the more independent furry friend who doesn’t need the constant company of an overnight companion when their people are out of town. Many of our cat owners choose the vacation visit option. Your sitter will feed your pet, refill water bowls, administer any needed medication, and give your friend the playful attention they need and deserve. They will also gladly help with any home related tasks you have — putting out trash, watering plants, bringing in the mail or packages, etc.

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