Hiring Part-Time Dog Walkers

The job:

We’re looking for Seattle-based animal lovers to join our team. The job is pretty great! You’ll be going to our clients’ homes and taking their pups on individual walks around their neighborhoods. You’ll be working completely independently, so it’s crucial that you are dependable and communicative. We manage the clients and your schedule, so you never have to worry about finding clients. We use a super-handy app that stores all your addresses, messages, and client information. You’ll also be introduced to all the pups, so you’ll never be walking a dog you don’t already know.

We’d like you to:

  • Live in Seattle. It’s best to live near your walking route
  • Have access to a vehicle, car insurance, and a driver’s license
  • Be available from 11am – 3:30 pm on Monday – Friday
  • Have a smart phone with GPS capabilities
  • Be communicative, responsible, and dependable
  • Be able to lift 50 pounds, wrangle dogs, and work in all weather conditions
Apply Now
person wearing shorts holding leash to black and white smiling french bull dog

Walk Sweet Dogs and Get Paid for it!

$16 – $20 per hour
10 – 20 hours per week
Flexible Scheduling
Helpful Management
Doggo Snuggles

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