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Services & Rates

Dog Walking

Dog walks keep dogs happy and healthy. Mid-day dog walks ensure your dog is happier, less stressed, and healthier than they would be left inside during the day. Keep your best friend tail-wagging happy while you're away from home or at the office. We specialize in one-on-one dog walks around your neighborhood with your dog (or dogs), so they get all the love, attention, exercise, and play they need during the day. Schedule just the occasional dog walk, or schedule up to thee dog walks per day. 

Dog Walking Rates:

15 Minute Dog Walk...........$17

30 Minute Dog Walk...........$22

45 Minute Dog Walk...........$28

60 Minute Dog Walk...........$34

Each additional dog just $5 more

Trail Hikes

Dogs love the great outdoors! Dogs thrive when they can get outdoors in various environments and explore their world. We offer one-on-one excursions to local parks (Discovery Park, Interlaken Park, Carkeek Park, Magnuson Park, or Golden Gardens) for trail hikes and maximum outdoor enjoyment for your dog while maintaining individualized care and attention. Trail Hikes allow your dog to exercise their mind in addition to stretching their legs. Your dog will be able to smell all the new smells, feel the cool grass under their paws, and hear the birds sing. A nice long hike in the park will make for one happy (and tired!) doggo. 

Trail Hike Rates:

60 Minute Trail Hike.................$36

60 Minute Dog Park Trip..........$36

90 Minute Trail Hike.................$49

Off-Leash Dog Park Trips

Dog park trips are perfect for the social dog with energy to burn! If your dog plays well with others and loves meeting other dogs, one-on-one dog park trips might be perfect for you.


We'll start the trip off by pick up your dog at their home, and transporting them to their local dog park, where we'll throw the ball for them, or just let them run off their extra energy. After all their exercise, stimulation, and socialization at the dog park, we'll bring them home again, and your dog will be healthy, happy, and tired. You'll receive a walk report card after their trip, which shows GPS tracking info, potty activity, photos, and a note about how the trip went. 


There's no such thing as a guaranteed risk-free dog park trip, however our staff does everything possible to ensure your dog's safety! We don't do chaotic pack trips, so we can focus solely on the safety, happiness, and well-being of your dog (or dogs). We supervise your dog the entire trip and keep a close eye on all dog interactions and temperaments to ensure everyone is friendly and happy. We follow all rules and regulations of Seattle's off-leash dog parks and only allow dogs to be off-leash once safely inside the fenced-in dog park. 

We require your dog to be friendly and play well with others in order to be eligible for dog park trips. They also must be over 6 months of age, fully vaccinated, and spayed/neutered. If your dog is reactive, nervous, timid, or unsure of new people or dogs, they might be happier with our one-on-one leashed dog walking service. 

Off-Leash Dog Park Trip Rates:

60 Minute Dog Park Trip.................$36

Longer trips available by request

Overnight Pet Sitting

Dogs are happiest when they can stay in their own environment when you out of town. Boarding your dog in a kennel or a stranger's home can be stressful and frightening for dogs who are used to being at home with their people. We offer overnight pet sitting in your home, to ensure the happiness and comfort of your best friend. Your sitter will also care for any cats or other animals you have at home as well. 

Your sitter will arrive around 7pm and stay overnight for at least 12 hours. They will take your dog out on potty breaks, feed them, and administer any medication they may have. They'll spend the evening giving your dog plenty of affection and attention. In the morning your sitter will take your dog out on a short walk, feed them, and give them a few belly rubs before heading out for the day. If you add on a mid-day dog walk, your sitter will return mid-day for a nice dog walk.

You'll receive a walk report card after their stay, which shows GPS check-in/check-out, potty activity, photos, and a note about how the stay went. You can always text with your sitter throughout their stay. 

  • 12 hour overnight stay

  • Caring for cats or other pets as well

  • Potty breaks and short walks

  • Fresh water, feedings, and treats

  • Medication administration

  • Plenty of playtime, love, and affection

  • Tidying up pet areas

  • Any home related tasks -- bringing in mail or packages, putting out trash, watering plants, etc.

Overnight Pet Sitting Rates:

12 Hours Overnight Pet Sitting.................$70

Add a 30 Minute Mid-Day Dog Walk........$20 extra

Vacation Visits

Vacation visits are perfect when you're headed out of town, and your pet doesn't need company the entire night. Many of our cat owners choose this option for their independent furry roommates. We can schedule as many visits as needed per day. They include:

  • Fresh water, feedings, and treats

  • Litter box cleanings

  • Plenty of love and affection

  • Walks and playtime

  • Tidying up of pet areas

  • Medication administration

  • Any home related tasks -- bringing in mail or packages, putting out trash, watering plants, etc.

Vacation Visit Rates:

20 Minute Weekday Vacation Visit............$20

20 Minute Weekend Vacation Visit............$25

30 Minute Weekday Vacation Visit............$22

30 Minute Weekend Vacation Visit............$30

No extra charge for additional pets

 Additional Fees 

Premium Hours​

Subject to availability

Overnight services not subject to premium hour fees.

4:00pm - 10pm Weekday Dog Walk.........add $5

9:30am - 4pm Weekend Dog Walks ........add $5

4:00pm - 10pm Weekend Dog Walks......add $10

Waiting Fee

Time spent waiting for entry at apartment offices or call boxes that goes over the allotted time for the dog walk or visit will be charged an additional fee. 

0-5 minutes over................$3
5-10 minutes over..............$8
10-15 minutes over..........$12
15-20 minutes over..........$17

Late Payments​

Invoices paid more than 2 days after their due date are subject to an additional fee of 10% of the invoice total.

Please pay on time.

Observed Holidays

Holiday service is limited by availability. Contact us directly for holiday services.

$20 fee per holiday

New Years Eve

New Years Day

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day


Black Friday

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

 Cancellation Policy 

Dog Walking & Pet Visits

We have a flexible cancellation policy that allows for non-holiday weekday cancellations until 7am the day of the dog walk or pet service with no extra fee.

Weekday Reservation:

Until 7am on the day of service: no charge

Between 7am - 9am: 50% total service rate

After 9am: full walk rate 

Weekend Reservation:

5 or more days: no charge

2 - 4 days: 50% total service rate

0 - 48 hours: full walk rate 

Overnight Pet Sitting

Non-Holiday Reservation:

8 or more days: no charge

2 - 7 days: $50 fee

0 - 48 hours: $100 fee or total price of service, whichever is greater


Holiday Reservation:

15 or more days: no charge

8 - 14 days: $100 fee or total price of service, whichever is greater

0 - 7 days: $150 fee or total price of service, whichever is greater